What Makes us Different

There are a lot of churches in East Texas. Let’s get right to the point. What makes our church unique?


We Care About You!

God cares about you too . . . so much that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die in your place.

You Will Be Welcome Here!

You will be among friends here in our church family, not just a face in the crowd.

We Follow God’s Word

We find the Bible accurate and practical. We can safely live and die by the truth.

We Are Convinced

We find many people who want reality in their Christian life and who are not satisfied just to go through the motions. We offer them the real, living person of Jesus Christ, who will never forsake them nor leave them.

Sunday School

The Word of God is for everyone regardless of your age. Our teaching methods bring the Bible right down to where you can understand and apply it to your life.

Youth Ministry

The future of America is in the hands of her young people. If we are to continue to enjoy our democracy, the young Americans must have Jesus in their hearts. We offer them their own Bible class and lots of special activities and programs.

Visitation Ministry

Our Visitation ministry reaches into the hospitals, to shut-ins and door-to-door to meet the needs of the people.